Missions at the Heart of God : Isaiah 42
by Rev Ting Moy Hong
07 Aug 2016

Way In –
Have you ever wondered what God is doing in your life now? Has this thought that God is doing a powerful work in your life when you think you are walking through the valley of the shadow of failures and death?

The context of Isaiah 42 – 6th century BCE
1. The story of the glory of Israel now a history long gone
2. The Israelites had strayed from God’s covenant. The Babylonians defeated Israel.
3. Plundered, humiliated, taken captive, abandoned to their enemies, the Israelites are devastated.

Isaiah spoke:
1. Remember the larger purposes of God. Isaiah 42.5. God is not only God of Israel or even of Babylon. God is the One “who created the heavens… and stretched out the earth…”

2. Remember this is also the God who reached out, called out this particular people to righteousness. Isaiah 42.6. He acts in a particular way.

2.1 God sends a spirit- filled servant, not a tyrant. Isaiah 42.3. This servant brings justice, not domination.

2.2 God works to bring justice to all and everywhere. Isaiah 42.4.

2.3 God purposes God’s people to be “a light to the nations, to open the eyes that are blind, to bring out the prisoners from the dungeon, from the prison those who sit in darkness… “ Isaiah 42.6-7. Declare His glory – Isaiah 42.10-16 (The Message)

3. God has not abandoned His people but is at work among them, restoring them to be a blessing.

4. Not a message of revenge nor triumphalism nor of turning the tables but a message calling His people to turn their focus from themselves to the roomy expanse of God’s purposes.

Over to us: The message for us:

1. God’s purpose has not changed.
2. God’s call upon His people has not changed.
3. Question: Do we see, do we hear what God is doing, what God is calling us to?
See Isaiah 42.18-25
4. Consider this in –
4.1 In our individual life
4.2 In our family life
4.3 In our community life at Trinity Methodist Church, PJ