Methodist Adult Fellowship (MAF)

About MAF

Our Purpose

To grow our faith and life in community with other Christians and be challenged to greater commitment and service in our church, our community and society.

Our Vision

“Light of the World, Salt of the Earth”

Light of the World – We shall live exemplary, personal Christian lives with Jesus as our Lord, in the way we worship and pray, in the strength of our faith and in our faithfulness to Him. We shall shine God’s light so that others may come to receive Him.

Salt of the Earth – We shall rise to the challenge of service in our church and the community we live in so that our Christian love can touch and affect lives positively.


To meet the objectives, we have developed programmes that

  • Encourage one another towards a deeper commitment to God and deepen our faith through regular study of Scriptures;
  • Draw members closer to God through worship, praise, thanksgiving and prayer;
  • Establish awareness, sensitivity, care and concern towards the needy, underprivileged and marginalized in our society through short term sensitising projects and exposure trips;
  • Equip ourselves with the necessary skills of evangelism, counselling and discipleship to reach out to the churched and unchurched in our midst;
  • Facilitate the experience of the God-given warmth, love and care and the responsibility for one another as a Body of Christ through regular meetings for fellowship and prayer.

Big Meets

MAF organises Big Meets where members come together for a time of fellowship and often with an invited speaker to share on specific topics. Big Meets are held at Trinity Methodist Church, PJ’s church hall and start with high tea at 3.15 pm.  Typically, this will following with praise and worship, testimonies from fellow members or inspiring sermons delivered by selected speakers.

Bible Sharing/Prayer on Bible Understanding and Spiritual Formation

MAF comes together monthly for a time of bible sharing and prayer. This is usually held on Saturday mornings. Due to the ongoing church redevelopment, the venue may change from time to time, depending on the availability of rooms.

How I can help/discover my gifts

There are various sub-committees in MAF that you may wish to participate in.  You could discover the special role God wants/needs you to play in your Christian living.  These include Worship, Social Concerns, Faith, Witness/Evangelism, Fellowship, Prayer and Publicity.

Contact Us | Membership Details

Contact Persons

Please email to for further information:

Membership Details

Please complete the MAF Membership Registration Form. There are 2 categories of membership:

Ordinary members
Christians aged between 31 and 60 who are local Church members.

Associate members
Other adults, including those aged below 31 or above 60, from other Church denominations or of other faith. Associate members enjoy the same benefits as ordinary members except that they cannot vote or hold office.


Annual membership fee is RM30 (inclusive of MAF T-shirt for NEW members only). Please send an email to if you need a Membership Form.

Fellowship Activities

Contact Leong Sow Yoke
019.218.8832 /

7th July (Sat) @ 2.30pm
MAF Bible Sharing / Prayer by Don Choo

14th July (Sat) @ 2.30pm
MAF Bible Sharing / Prayer by Annie Yong

21st July (Sat) @ 2.30pm
MAF Bible Sharing / Prayer by Tan Hock Wah

28th July (Sat) @ 2.30pm
MAF Bible Sharing / Prayer by Janice Leong

11th Aug (Sat) MAF Family Outing
to Tangkak, Johor for durians / seasonal fruits

26th – 28th Oct : Silent Retreat with ICM
at Port Dickson Methodist Centre
by Dr Lilian Koh